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mod_auth_mysql is an authentication module for apache Version 2.0 It can handle the different users of different websites within the same database.

ID  desc Task Type Severity Summary Status Due In Version Progress
193 Feature Request Low password logging Assigned 1.12
Task Description

I recently moved from the older SF “mod_auth_mysql” to yours and it works well. One thing I noticed while troubleshooting is that there’s no way to suppress password logging. As it stands, if there’s a misconfiguration or an incorrect user/pass entered, the full password is recorded in the apache error log.

I tried entering this in the bug tracker, but could not find a way to create a new account.

Would it be possible to consider a config option (default off) to log passwords?



99 Feature Request Low make use of the mod_dbd module Assigned
Task Description

apache 2.2.x has mod_dbd module to pool the DB connections. I think the mod_auth_mysql module should use this pools

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